The herd mentality of Retirement Income has been to position retirement savings in a certain manner and withdraw modestly throughout retirement. Unfortunately, this strategy, or lack thereof, often fails. One reason for this is that it does not consider and position for Social Security optimization and changes in expenses throughout retirement. At Expedition Retirement, we recognize the number one goal of today’s retirees – to not have to worry about running out of money. We also understand how stressful it is to not only build a strategy for Retirement Income, but to even get all information organized in the first place. We created the Retirement Compass to be a useful tool of organization and guidance for clients throughout retirement. Designed to be a place to keep information on all aspects of retirement, the Retirement Compass is also a useful resource for next of kin.

You will start by sitting down with one of our guides. We want to get to know you and your unique situation, as well as your goals for retirement. This allows us to create a truly customized plan for your retirement.  Through conversation we gather the information we need. (This can include, but is not limited to: monthly expenses, retirement savings information, Social Security benefit information, and pension information.) We then use specialized software to help layout different options for sequencing and structuring income in retirement to fit your needs and goals.


In retirement, Sequence is just as important as Position!

…but what does that mean?
Buckets of Money


Most households transitioning into retirement have up to 5 buckets of potential income: Pensions, Social Security, IRA/Qualified Funds, Non-Qualified Funds, and Roth. The sequence in which we use these buckets through retirement may have an impact on how long our money will last. Retirement Buckets can grow and may be taxed differently. Any insurance product guarantee would be provided by the issuing company and is based on their claims paying ability. With retired Americans living longer and longer– having a Retirement Income Strategy equipped to handle Longevity, Inflation, and Market Risk is more important than ever.

More on Sequencing

At Expedition Retirement we identify

three stages of retirement savings for an individual.

Accumulation Years

The years in which you save for your retirement

Transition Years

The years in which you prepare and position for retirement (usually up to 10 years prior to retirement)

Distribution Years

The years in which you use your retirement savings

Not only is the sequence in which you access your Retirement Buckets important, but the sequence of your returns now becomes relevant.

How Retirement Savings Are Used Sequence of Returns