Having a compressive plan for retirement demands your Investments take time horizon, risk tolerance, income plan and tax environment into account.  Income planning, for example when you plan to collect Social Security, will affect the time horizon of Investments.  Tax environments may affect Investment accounts as well as Medicare premiums.  Managing this juggling act to carry out a sound Investment strategy is achievable with a strong team behind you.  As an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) to our clients – we work with Alphastar Capital Management as our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to offer our clients multiple portfolio models, money managers, and qualified custodians. 

While some Investment firms are held to a Suitability Standard, as an IAR and RIA we are held to the Fiduciary Standard.  Investment management services offered do not generate commission or loads, instead an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, hourly fee, or Financial Plan fee may be charged. 

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